The War Within

On several occasions in my life, I have thought the world was going to end.

So far, it hasn’t.

By all rights, if you look at mankind, many of the “leaders” (I say that loosely), the world has seen, it is amazing that it hasn’t. So far, someone or someone’s, have stepped in to make sure that didn’t happen.

This morning, I read some some bit of a story, that now poses as news, that Meghan McCain said she had a theory why people were getting engaged more quickly. There have been some celebrity couplings that have, seemingly, quickly, have gone from dating, to engagements, in short time.

Her theory is that in Trump’s America, people are doing such things because they are concerned that the a nuclear war will break out and people want someone to nurture us.

I thought the world was going to end in the Vietnam era. I just did. Things … news … was ominous. I read Revelations instead of studying for an Econ test and I thought, holy hurricane, the world is coming to an end. Crap. And I hadn’t had sex, yet. Or been in love.

The world didn’t end. Nixon’s presidency did. But the heater smelter world continued.

In spite of the Lenins, Stalins, Maos, Ho Chi Minhs,

Mussolinis, Amins, Suhartos, Titos, Husseins, Brezhnev, Sungs, Pol Pots, Hitlers, Leopold Belgiums, Mao Ze Dong, and many others, this planet still exists. The population continues to grow, despite the efforts of these monsters, to wipe out millions and millions of people.

We have read about wars in our history books, watched movies that have tried to show what war is like, and we have even watched war on television and the internet. Remember the Iraqi war when we turned on the television and watched Shock and Awe, rated W for weird.

Victory was declared.

There wasn’t much of a victory. Victory is a world politicians and military big shots like to throw around.

Wars and despots are like the fire ants in my yard. I put vinegar on them to try to wipe them out, permanently, but they simple set up shop nearby.

I am not nearly as worried about a nuclear war as I am concerned about outliving our savings.

At this juncture in our country, my fear is that we are going to wound each other so badly with opposing views, stop talking about things that matter, because engaging in such a discussion has become akin to going into psychological combat, and become so tired of trying to figure out the truth, that we succumb to political, media and caring, fatigue, that our country becomes vulnerable to outside forces.

More than nuclear war, I fear a foreign power attacking and screwing up our technological grids, our water, electricity, financial grids.

It is happening now, now, in a sense. Technology is vulnerable and at this juncture in time, it has become very central to many of our lives. Misinformation can destroy. Think about if one morning you woke up and tried to turn on you iPhone and nothing was there. Everything you had save on the cloud or on your phone, was wiped out and some other government or ISIS like group or China, had taken control over everything you read and watched and your money disappeared and all of the systems that keep this country fed and employed, were gone?

Ware doesn’t always come in the form of a nuclear bomb. Hatred can kill, too. It kills spirits and creativity and divides people. Heck, I am more afraid of being killed by a random madman, than by a nuclear missile.

The world order is in flux. The political earth is shaking. And wars and genocide still exist.

Weird, huh?



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