Layers of Sounds and Life

Layers of sound are competing for my attention.

Remember when, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy,” were the layers you heard. I remember thinking, on this days when the cacophony of life was almost too much for me, I wanted to change my name.

Now, when I hear a tyke saying, “Mommy,” it sounds so sweet.

The cicadas are the background, rising periodically to a crescendo. The ceiling fan is a bit of a drone. And the birds are trying their best to provide a melody.

I might have to tell them what a friend of mine’s little son told a teacher who had just finished playing the piano. “You really need to practice more.”

He is the cutest little boy. His mother and I share desserts. He usually loves what I make. But when I took delicious cinnamon rolls, the report was, “Why did Miss Susan use cinnamon when I don’t like cinnamon?”

I cracked up. He keeps me on the chocolate path.

Yesterday. I wasn’t worth much. I couldn’t get my act together. I was very tired and had the weird aches and pains that moved around. I had it last night, too. Isn’t that weird? I get that stuff sometimes. So, I did a few things but I mostly just took up space. Today, I will trot on. Oh, you should see these birds fight. Peck, peck, peck.

I mended the screen on the porch, again. Remember when I was so proud of myself for fixing it?I wasn’t sure what had caused it, but now, I know.

The Boy.

Sometimes, he and I play I do a version of slice the cheese and The Boy jumps high and tries to grab the water. Of course, he gets very wet. Well, at the end of the game, while I go turn off the water, The Boy takes himself over to the screened porch and rubs himself off on the screen! I saw him. That is an 82 pound hunk of fur ball and muscle, pressing against the cheap screen.

This time, I reinforced it with duck tape. I put that and staples in, all covered by the loading. But I also had to put a piece of duck tape up the side of the screen because that is starting to come out and that looks just dandy. Not.

At Walmart, yesterday, I passed a big section for BackTo School. Wow.

That was my favorite part of the school year. I got a new cigar box from my dad, new crayons and pencils and pens. Blunt scissors so I wouldn’t stab myself. It was the best. I still love office supplies. I don’t like to shop, but I can have fun in an office supply store.

I am going to try to grow a lemon tree. Since I didn’t feel well, yesterday, I watched YouTube videos on gardening and propagating. This weekend, I am going to give propagating a try and hope I don’t just end up with moldy messes.

Have you been to Hendersonville, North Carolina? I really like that town. It is delightful. It is near beautiful mountains and not far from Asheville.

We went to Asheville the other night. We ate dinner at a pizza place. It was getting on the verge of darkness as we left the restaurant. It was drizzling. There were still lots of people out, including many homeless people and seemingly high, or mentally ill people, on street corners and in doorways.

A few of them were getting into it with people. You know, I have been taught to call them my neighbors, but when you are in an unfamiliar setting, you don’t always know how to handle the situation. Do you look? Do you turn away? Do respond to an inquiry from someone who is aggressive? What is the human answer and what is safe? I just don’t know.

It wasn’t a comfortable situation.

I am getting to the point in my life that I really don’t want to have to figure some of this stuff out. I don’t want to figure politics out. I don’t want to have to figure out people. Sure, I am glad to help, but to use my brain to figure out complicated issues? I am pretty much finished with that. And that is somethingI didn’t think I would say.

A simple life is what pleases me. I didn’t know how much value there is in simplicity. That even goes with cooking.

Sure, I bake and cook and explore, but please, complicated, ninety-step processes, are not for me. I learned that recently, with the exploding corn fritters.

Is it that our brains and bodies get tired? Is it us or the world? I think it is both. The world goes faster and I move slower. Nothing wrong with that.

Oh, that really is too deep for me this morning. I just want to be. Breathing is sort of fun. Trying to relax my whole body is nice. Stretching feels magnificent.

The birds are taking a break, and so will I. Actually, I have things to get done.

Chat later,



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