My Butterfly Friend … and Going Bohemian

This is what’s on my mind …

Mad Scientist

My Butterfly Friend

Bohemian Style

Who would have guessed it? I have turned into a mad scientist. I am not actually, mad … I am in a pleasant enough states of mind. But I am into concoctions. Gardening concoctions.

Don’t laugh. I am going to try to do my gardens in a more organic way, which goes against my genetics and upbringing, as I am convinced that alcohol and pesticides where the keys to my dad’s longevity.

I say that in gets.

Sort of.

Except for manure, which he got the real deal and our backyard had the aroma of cow manure, my dad used his pesticides.

Yes, I have used Roundup and Miracle Gro and Sevin and whatever I have need to, to try to save my gardens.

But of late, I have been studying organic things, household concoctions that I can make. This morning I had the Epson salts and vinegar out. Yesterday, I soaked seeds in hydrogen peroxide. Tomorrow, I am putting together a bit of baking soda, ammonia and epson salts.

I am doing an experiment. I am going to do my vinegar and salt concoction on one area and Roundup on another. Oh, Mr. Morgan would be proud of me.

I still remember some of the element symbols. Do you? Other than learning those, I stared out the window in chemistry. I just didn’t get it.

There is a yellow swallowtail butterfly that has been hanging out in the garden. She is my friend. I follow her around and take herGlamour Shot. Oh, does Glamour Shot still exist? I remember when they first came out and many of the middle aged women in my real estate office got them taken. Vixens.

I didn’t do it but I understand it. It would be fun to feel as though you look beautiful, and capture that moment.

But, Butterfly hops from flower to flower and is so pretty and graceful. The whole process of becoming a butterfly is miraculous. I sometimes Like cocoons, and then I love to break free.

The garden at our house in Ohio, was more of a cottage garden. English, perhaps. A bit, anyway. But this garden’s theme is bohemian. I love bohemian style. It is colorful and funky and original. It will take time to get the colors and style right, but that is where I am heading.

Do you feel that sometimes, you can hear the tick-tock of the clock, time? I do. I think that is part of the reason that I seem to be doing more, instead of less. Tick-tock. Tick-tock goes the clock. I hear it and feel it. Instead of if bringing me down, I am marching forward. I don’t want to look back and wish, too much. Oh, I know I will wish some things.

The plants and flowers and gardening are teaching me so much about life.

Yesterday, Nick ate his BLT I made him, on the patio. We watched my butterfly friend and some of her friends and bees, at play in the gardens. We both felt a purpose. We are giving God’s creatures a playground. Nourishing the littlest of Gog’s creatures brings us joy.

I guess I could say, if you plant it, they will come.

Peace and joy and a butterfly friend, for you.



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  1. ACountryBoy says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever see a black and white butterfly. Very nice photos.


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