The Garden … The Wreck … The Smile

This is what’s on my mind …

Work. Dragging a wagon of pea gravel, opening the bags, scooping them into my Bush N Vine strawberry bucket, toting them to define more garden edges. I need to pull weeds. I have sprayed Neem oil on a few trouble spots, watered, because the rain gods have determined that I swear too much, and are punishing me, filled a couple of the bird feeders and just now, plopped myself down on a wicker rocker.

That was some sentence. Finally, I have caught my breath and quit sphitzing. I had to wait a few minutes to begin writing because when I put my glasses on, they fogged. I am not wearing a bra because I can’t stand a sweaty bra.

Nick and dropped off The Boy, together. On the way, at the big intersection up the road, there looked to be a wicked traffic accident. I saw them rolling a stretcher with a person on it. A big white truck was pretty well mashed and on it side, the contents from it, spilled across the road. Ambulances and firetrucks were there. I couldn’t see if another car was involved because cars blocked my view.

Remember yesterday, when I said it is dangerous driving around here because people go fast?

Hope the person is alright.

A thought flashed through my mind when I saw it.

Years ago, I was driving to Cape Cod, to visit some friends. By myself. That is a long drive.

I went up through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and across New York.

It was the late afternoon of my first day of driving, when I came upon a traffic slowdown.

As I moved slowly, with traffic, I saw all sorts of emergency equipment. And as I got nearer, still going about 5 miles an hour, I saw 3 body bags with bodies in them, laying in the median apparently, where they had landed.

At the next exit, I pulled off, called Nick, and said that I think I was done driving for the day, and found a hotel for the night.

I have driven in Ireland, England and Italy Each are a bit nerve-racking, for different reasons. Ireland, the roads are narrow and curvy, but I got the hang of it quickly. England? Much more populated and you have to get with it, very quickly and scoot. Italy?

You pray you survive, even though you drive on the same side as we do. I landed in Florence, at rush hour. It was only by the grace of God that my remains weren’t pigeon food.

If you think about it, driving is very scary and a huge responsibility, yet often, we are quite cavalier about it. We are so used to doing it, that we aren’t fully engaged when we drive?

Have you ever driven home from somewhere and not remembered the drive, at all? That has happened to me, especially after work. It is unsettling.

As soon as I turned the sprinkler off, filled the feeders and came into the screened porch, the birds and butterflies came calling. My whole posture changed, as did the expression on my face, which, on a good day, looks like I could rip someone in two, and after working hard, looks like no one is safe in my presence. I, actually, breathe and turn the corner of my mouth up.

Not much.

I mostly smile with my eyes.

Oh, the other day, I had worked like an oxen, took a shower and went and sat down. Nick had been in the recliner. He asked me a question about something. I can’t remember. But it had to do with me moving out of the chair and perhaps, begin sphitzing, again.

If looks could kill.

He wised up and backed off.

A few minutes later, after I had settled, I said, I can talk now.

Oh, I figured out why I could barely move, yesterday. It wasn’t the garden work. I am pretty used to that. It was because Shrek, here, power-washed the screened porch and had her arms stretched over her head for about an hour, trying to get dirt and mold off of the siding. Hence, my rib cage and arms and, I swear, my boobs, were sore.

Company is coming this weekend, so there is cleaning to do. I also have some writing projects to work on and continue with the garden.

The poor wildflowers look a bit spent. I have been watering, daily, recently, but we had such a hot spell and seriously, no rain, and my efforts might be too late for this summer. We shall see. This is a garden and life in progress. I will screw things up. And regain my composure, and move on.

That is all a human bean can do.



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