Meeting Putin and Fast Drivers

This is what’s on my mind …

Isn’t this special? It looks like I have a lovely flower growing out of the top of my head.

Here is a question for you … if you had the opportunity to sit down with Putin, what would you say? And, would you be wasting your breath because that dude is going to do what he wants to do?

Many of you remember Nikita Khrushchev?

He scared the lizards out of me. He was evil incarnate. Do you believe there is evil incarnate?

I am convinced that if I lived in a communist country, I would be shot. Seriously.

What got into my Earl Grey?

I think it is because I just saw a photo of Trump and Putin shaking hands. Putin appeared to have his eyes closed, or was caught in a blink, and Trump was giving a very energetically forceful look.

Anyway … I would be tempted to have one of those trick buzzers in my hand when I shook Putin’s hand.

Like I said, I would be shot.

Flowers … Nick and I are plotting next year’s garden projects. That is a much nicer thought than Putin and international intrigue and malfeasance.

Have you ever been so sore all over that even thinking hurts?

I am like that, today. I have been using muscles that had been in moth balls. And I have worn the wrong shoes and my back is killing me. Yet, I trudge out tot he garden each day, and work some more.

I am not feeling the same way about housework.

Does anybody else’s back hurt? Lower back? Oh, the most beautiful gold finch is at the feeder. I can’t see if the birds are using the new birdbath. It is behind the fence and crepe myrtle. It might take them a while to realize it is a public pool and you don’t need a pass.

I love my South, but there are some real idiots here. Drivers. Fast drivers. Not just fast as in trying to get ahead of you, but dudes that race and roar on some of our roads.

Saturday, we took The Boy to camp because that is our date day.

I had just gotten him out of the car in the parking lot. I heard that noise … you know the one … that sounds like you are at a race track. I could tell that it was a motorcycle. I looked over to the road and I have never seen a motorcycle or car, go so fast. Blink of an eye fast.

This was on a two lane road, curvy road.

I hear similar sounds at my house. the road by us, 55, is dangerous. Idiots, asshats, oh, let’s call them what they are, asshats, who have no regard for anyone, including themselves, fly down that road. You and hear the loud roar from our house.

Don’t you sometimes want to smack people?

Maybe it wasn’t Earl Grey, but the grapefruit juice, that has me ready to yell “Charge,” and say, “People, people, people.”

Today it is BLTs with tomatoes off of Nick’s tomatoes. That sounds like the toamatoes are some of Nick’s body parts, but they aren’t.

Is it nap time, yet?

I might hit another Goodwill to findthings to make another birdbath. I have to deliver lots of food to the Clover Assistance. The neighborhood I’d a good job this month.

I know. I would ask Putin if he wanted to pull some weeds with me. I’d ask if he gardened and how many people he has had killed.

And then, I would offer him one of my divine cinnamon rolls … tainted with a bit of something special.

Really? You thought I meant THAT something special?

Nah … I meant almond extract.



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