The Birdbath

This is what’s on my mind …

The pressure washer

The bird bath

The screened porch

Sunday wrap up

In Ohio, we bought a pressure washer. I love to pressure wash. I know it can be dangerous, especially the gas powered kind. I just about blew my toe off one time, and nearly blew the siding off the house. It was tempting to do that, too. I will wanted to undress that house and put a new frock of siding on her. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do that. I waited until a really, really bad storm came trough and half our neighborhood got new siding and roofs.

When we moved, we gave the pressure washer to a friend. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get it to work, so he gave it back. We brought it South and parked it in the garage. I was dying to pressure wash. Our patio and sidewalk and screened porch have become dingy and stained with red clay. I wanted to clean them.

So my hero, Nick, looked at the pressure washer and thought he might know the answer. It is the same issue that blew a rocket to bits … an “O’ ring.

I ordered one on amazon, per Nick’s instructions.

Yesterday, Nick, who was know at Avon for being a great problem solver, got the pressure washer working. And boy, did I go to town.

This morning, I have the screened porch just about empty. I need Nick to help me move one last piece. Then I will be power woman and get that concrete clean.

Nick also helped me put my bird bath together. I want two bird baths, one for inside the fence and another for the back garden. I didn’t want a regulars one. I didn’t want to spend the money, and I want some funky, peppy. So I hit the Goodwill.

Within about 10 minutes, I had all of my pieces. I grabbed different size ceramic pots and stacked and restocked. The sales clerk said she wanted to see a picture.

Nick figured out what kind of glue to buy and went and bought it. Yesterday, we glued the pieces together. It goes to the garden today.

After working in the garden, Shrek was pooped. I work until exhaustion and then collapse.

And in the morning … repeat.

With the screened porch empty, I am writing from inside. I’d rather be outside. That is a real change for me. A good change. I don’t just live inside. My world has expanded.

Isn’t it wonderful that the Thai boys were rescued? What a dram played out. A human life was lost, so that tempers the jubilation. And I read that the father of the Australian doctor/diver, who played a big part in the rescue, died just after the rescue.

People still aren’t getting along in the world, but what is new on that account? Thorough my life, there has always been a threat of some kind. War and words of war have been woven into our lives.

I must say that there is a lot of my thinking that came from growing up with a father who fought in WWII. He talked about the war. Not all of the time, But enough. We learned of war … the short term costs and long term costs. We also learned that freedom is not free.

Most of our foes were external, indifferent shores. Now, it seems that many Americans are against each other. We fight each other and kill each other.

The enemy is often within.

The other day, I think I made a typo. It was pointed out to me in a comment … nicely. (I Often have typos … I type fast and don’t proofread this because I want to keep moving with my day)

Apparently, I said, ‘human beans’ instead of human beings.

Frankly, I like human beans, better. So in the future, when you see me talk about human beans, it won’t be a typo.

Sometimes in life, you have to have a little fun.



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