A Bit of a Miracle

This is what’s on my mind …

Cup very full

The magic of gardening

Belgium workhorse

First off, the photo in the header is of the first blooming flower in this year’s wildflower seeding.

They will be sparse this year, but if it happens like last year, next year should reap an abundance of wildflowers.

It was a good weekend with a bit of a miracle.

I will wade through part of the weekend, before talking about a little miracle, a cup very full moment.

But first … I did a loot of measuring this weekend. It was the kind of measuring that involved measuring cups for wet and dry ingredients, teaspoons and tablespoons and spoon sizes in-between, and then adjusting sides to match the amounts of the bounty that I had.

Corn relish, strawberry jam, blackberry am and bread and butter pickles.

Nick used to do the canning. He would grow much of the produce or we would buy it at a farmer’s market. The kitchen smelled like pickling spices. And oh, the canned goods were wonderful.

I did it a bit, like made the recipes, but Nick always did the canning because I was afraid that I would poison us.

But now, I am the canner. I just decided I wanted to learn and do the whole process. So, we borrowed the canning water bath and jars from one of our daughters. She was glad to get rid of them.

This weekend was canning weekend because I hit the Bush N Vine for strawberries, blackberries, cucumbers and corn.

Oh, the birds are coming in for a landing. There are a couple of goldfinches at one feeder. They are flighty little birds.

Nick was excited about the canning. I was glad. The thing about Parkinson’s is that it zaps strength, energy and sometimes, your ability to enjoy things.

I also had garden work to do. I had gone to Lowes and bought 9 more perennials from the half dead bargain bin. I had read about how to deal with them. It is always a bit of a crapshoot, especially if it is in the dredges of summer and rain is very ‘scattered’. It has felt like Moses split the rain around here. It rain gets to the edge of us and then splits and goes north or south. So, Lord of Lillie’s, I hate to see our water bill, which is high, anyway.

Nick said he would help me can. I was glad. But I wanted to do the processing myself, but he could help me. The roles were reversed from the past.

I made the recipes and got out the canning jars and such. Nick let me do the work as he knew I wanted to learn.

He is the best teacher. Very patient. He worked with the kids with their homework because I didn’t have the patience and after I would say, for about the fifth time, “Stop playing around and let’s get this done,” I was on the verge of being a runaway mother. The kids didn’t mess with their dad as much as they did with me. I think they enjoyed seeing me become a nutter.

It was fun as we worked together. he wiped lids and put rings on and told me how to do this or that.

We got it done and although tired, there is something very rewarding about canning.

And here was our bit of a miracle.

It has to do with the garden.

Due to how he feels, Nick hasn’t been able to do much in the way of gardening. He did plant 6 tomato plants and tends them. Butfor the most part, I have been a workhorse. That is what he said, yesterday, and instead of being insulted, I was very proud. Yes, I will carry the load.

Oh, these squirrels are going nuts trying to get to the feeders. They ave to do some jumping. Pesky things.

But this weekend, especially yesterday, nick said he wanted to help me. He knows how hard it is to dig in red clay and bend and stoop and lift heavy stuff.

We also have some butthead beetles. Nick said he would take care of them.

I had already gone out and planted 6 o the 9 plants. It was very hot and sunny. I had missed the shady time.

When Nick came out, he volunteered to dig the holes for the last 3 plants. I was really hot and tired, so I handed him the shovel.

Oh my gosh, you should see these idiot squirrels.

While I went in and got some cold water, he dug 3 holes. I put the pots in the holes because bending over is really hard for him.

But after they were planted and I said I needed to water right away, he said he would.

And he did. The whole yard. And when I talked about the beetles and a couple other tasked, he said he would do them.

Wen we got home from Cincinnati last weekend, the first thing Nick said was, “Let’s go see the garden.”

And we did.

He has begun talking about the garden and we’ve discussed some things for next year.

Last evening, we were outside. I was spraying Neem oil, an organic cure for things, and Nick was going after beetles.

When we finished, Nick, Winston and I, sat in the screened porch.

Until, about two minutes after we sat down, a huge lightening bolt and stunning clap of thunder, made all of us bolt for inside.

That gave us a thrill and capped off a weekend where we didn’t go driving around looking for beauty.

We found it in our own backyard.



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