This is what’s on my mind

This is what’s on my mind …

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Corn relish


This is going to sound weird and political, and it is. But it is in the broad context of democracy, so don’t get your wings aflutter.

You might know that I don’t care for politicians. I don’t care for the way our two major political parties operate. My thought is that the political system is not helping our country or democracy. It isn’t bring forth the best people. In other words, in my opinion, it is quite corrupt and a good old boys club, even if there are some women involved.

So … I read that when I read that a woman names Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year-old New Yorker, of Puerto Rican descent, beat 19-year incumbent, Joesph Crowley, in a primary in New York. Crowley had been unopposed for 14 years.

In order to get to Congress, she still has to beat a Republican candidate in November.

I don’t have a stake in New York politics, but I was intrigued, so I read a bit about Ocasio-Cortez.

There is something about her background, energy and authenticity, that I like.

She is a Democratic Socialist, and I am not sure if I believe in all of her positions. But that is irrelevant.

Why I like her and was glad to hear of her victory, is she has beliefs, wants to help the people of her district, lives there, works there and breathes the same air as these people. She isn’t a millionaire or a puppet of the Democratic Party. She is earning her stripes through education and experience, and she wants to change the world.

Good for her.

Her victory gave me a glimpse of hope that younger generations will start stepping up and into the workings of running this country.

I believe that it is time for a different type of person gains access to the decision making. Good grape nuts, my generation has had their shot.

My generation has delved more into the arena of dirty politics than public service. I am hoping the upcoming generations step up and make public office and politics, something we can be proud of.

And with that said, it is corn relish day. I have to shuck corn, which I enjoy doing. A task at hand.

Then I will clean peaches and then cucumbers and make pickles.

Busy day.

My reading and YouTube watching has taken a turn. I am reading and watching shows on gardening and plants. It is great fun. What a treat it is to learn something new.

I was bored with where my brain was. There is something about learning something new, going into a world where I don’t have the answers, that is like taking a bite of a great New York strip.

And I did something I said I wasn’t going to do … I went to Lowes and bought 9 marked down plants. I am going to try nursing them back to life.

Wish me luck.

I show you photos of beautiful flowers. I should show you photos of my plants that I kill.

So … the birds have suddenly quieted … probably because I talked a bit about politics.

I guess that part of what bothers me is that politics has become such a verboten topic. And I think that is a shame. It has created a real dead space in us. A dark space, instead of making it an energetic and enthusiastic topic that we can discuss, be serious about and laugh at. It is making our political selves very insular, and I don’t think that is necessarily good.

Oh well, I will go shuck corn. Maybe It will provide an ear to talk to.



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