Life Is A Bundle Deal

This is what’s on my mind …


A little bit of rain

Life is a Bundle Deal

What can I say? I wanted to show you the fantabuloso cheesecake I made yesterday. It was in the fridge. One piece missing from last night.

I got it out of the fridge, Winston, at my side, and I took the foil and spring form edge off. I decided that I needed to put a slice of it on a plate to get the best photo. So that is what I did. I twisted and turned the plate to get a good angle.

Pictures taken.

But I couldn’t put that slice back into the spring form pan, as that just didn’t seem right. It might get, well, lost?

Solving that issue was delightful. Winston enjoyed it, too. It was the best, creamiest cheesecake I have made.

Breakfast done.

It finally rained. Not a lot, but enough so that things perked up. It is a different kind of perking up plants do with rain. My watering keeps them alive, but it doesn’t necessarily make them thrive.

It is supposed to rain about noon. Hahahahaha. We shall see.

I read news. I hate news. I avoid news. I peek at news. I get sick of news.

News isn’t news anymore.

Oh crud, I just got off track. Some other time.

Sitting here on my porch, having just eating a piece of cheesecake, walking the yard withWinston, replenishing food in the bird-feeders, and now, sipping tea and listening to birds, I have it all figure out.

Life is a Bundle Deal.

Nick buys the lottery tickets that have the big money. He gets what they call a Bundle Deal or Bundle Play. He calls it a Bundle Deal. I has several different drawings. I am not sure what they are. I just say, “I need a Bundle Deal” and they figure it out. Of course I say, “please” and “thank you” because that is important.

My life and mind have been scattered. Sometimes, I watch my mind leave my body and trot off into the woods behind our house. It meanders and runs into big trees that cause it to change direction, it meets other minds that are out on a walk-about.

There also times when I have an emotional walk-about. It isn’t as pretty or comfortable. I will let other peoples emotions drive me, instead of my own. Or, the news gets into my craw and I get so stupid and think that all thing can be solved.

Or that I can do more to solve them.


I know better, but that doesn’t stop it from happening. Yes, I know better. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Anthony Bourdain’s suicide got me. It still does. The nastiness of people is bothering, people getting kicked out of restaurants, supposedly because they have a moral obligation or some prickly reason. Of course, I am sure there has never been a rapist, murderer, spouse abuser, or pedophile, who has eaten at that restaurant.

Random shiftiness it is. And it is rampant.

Oh crud, there I go, again. And this was supposed to be uplifting. I guess my mind bolted for the woods.

Some of the things I want to solve are really, other people’s problems, which I cannot solve. They have to.

Where was I?

(I went back and read what I wrote to see where the track divided.)

I tend to think if only I could keep this in check, or think this way or not think at all, or let go, life would go swimmingly. My mind wouldn’t run away. I wouldn’t feel my life getting out of sync.

If I had more positive thoughts, everything would be peachy keen.

But it doesn’t work that way.


Because life is a Bundle Deal. It is your body and mind working together and at times, running away, playing hooky. It is people doing really shitzky things and seeing miracles, and meeting the most wonderful people who change the way you think.

It is the flowers and the manure. The best tasting cheesecake and a big butt. Life is sweet dreams and nightmares, sometimes in the same day. It is keeping things together and watching what seems to be, everything, fall apart.

We ride the waves, lasso in our my minds, thoughts and feelings and begin again. And again. And again.

Life is quite a ride. It is about knowing when to hold on tight and when let loose.

Before, I said that I have it, life, all figured out.


For that one moment, I did. But that moment is gone. And my life will continue in its weird and whimsical manner.

And now, I need to go to the woods and retrieve my mind.


My creamy and yummy cheesecake

My bread and butter pickles

Wonderful herb potato salad

My herb garden

My piece … for the photo

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