Human Trafficking And Gun Violence

Maybe it is because guns are loud. You can hear them form a distance and their wounds include holes and blood and sometimes, guts.

Gun violence gets noticed, especially if it happens at a school.

Human Trafficking, in comparison, is a quiet crime. It happens in the shadows of our society, of the news. Yet, its insidiousness goes on and on … often, without a peep from society.

I was first made aware of human trafficking while on a tour of the Freedom Center, many years ago. The information went into the recesses of my mind. One of the pieces of information was that I-75, the interstate that runs north and south and through Cincinnati, was one of the main highways involved in the trafficking.

Yesterday, while my brain was doing a bit of flip-flopping, I decided to watch a series on human trafficking, the abduction of very young children, mostly girls, but boys, also, and teenagers, who were beaten, threatened, raped and forced to be prostitutes.

The series showed children, young children, drugged and put in various shapes of crates, and then into cargo containers, loaded onto ships, and transported to the United States.

The United States plays an active participant in human trafficking.

Innocent young girls are lured to be models, dancers, on dates, whatever it takes, to abduct them into this underground world. They are gone, whisked away from their families, their childhood and their lives, to become fresh meat for bastards who get their rocks off from having sex with young girls, or boys.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

It is the sound of the guns.

Silence. Disappearance. Slavery.

Those are the words of the victims of human trafficking.

What I saw on this series made me ill. It made me ashamed and it made me wonder why?

Just as gun violence breeds so many thoughts on guns, mental health, evil, etc, human trafficking should be on the front pages, too.

How and why, in this day and age, when we have marches for “This Life Matters”or “That Life Matters,” can this putrid activity go on?

It is things like this that can drive me to distraction. We get on moral high-horses and talk in platitudes, and have front page after front page of stories about the damn Kardashians, when what is happening in real time, in real life, goes by unreported.

This secret crime is under our nose. It is in every state, probably, most every country. I would venture to say that most of the victims are women.

Humph. Maybe women’s lives don’t matter as much as they’d like us to think they do.



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