God and Barbecue

This is what’s on my mind …

When you live in the south, there are two things you believe in. God is one. Barbecue is another. Iam not sure if I even have that in the right order.

You want to strike up a conversation with a stranger and all you have to do is say, “Where do you find your favorite barbecue?”

And you are off an running.

You might not agree with the other persons choice, but you are polite and nod your head as if that person has the best taste in the world. And you smile and talk about sauces and rubs and brisket and pulled pork and maybe a hush puppy.

Part of why you ask this question is that maybe, just maybe, you will learn about a new “Q” place that you haven been and you put the name of the place in your craw, if it still holds such information, or if you are like me, make a note of it on my phone. To lose the name of a good barbecue place, is like forgetting your mama’s birthday.

There are many different kinds of barbecue in the South and across the country. All different kinds of rubs and sauces and cooking times, too.

Here are a few barbecue places I have been around here and remember off the top of my head … Peace and Hominy, (where Nick and I have split a rack for breakfast), Sauceman, (one of my favorites), Shanes, Sonnys, Courtney’s, Jim N Nick’s, Midwood, Mac’s Speed Shop, Dickey’s, Art’s Barbecue.

There are others that I haven’t been to … yet.

Some of those that I mentioned, I like better than others, but what I have found is that I often like at least one thing about each.

I am not only a ribs gal, I often order pulled pork. Um-doggies. I love a pulled porks sandwich with tender, crispy edged and juicy shredded por, some good, barbecue sauce and good slaw on a bun.

I am getting cataclysmic thinking about it.

Note … it is difficult to find good slaw down here. But I suffice.

Usually, at your table, you will find a variety of sacuses from the house sauce to the tangy to the downright hot sauce, and a mustard sauce, which has turned into one of my favorites.

Orders usually come with some hush puppies. Those are an art to themselves and a dandy thing to nosh on prior to porking out.

The fact is, barbecue is about the sides, too. And that is where each joint is different.

I have tasted some delicious baked beans that have been brown sugared up and seasoned and have pieces of shredded pork in them. Some places? Eh, I make much better baked beans at home.

You can get your greens, but you can’t miss out on the mac a cheese. Yessirreebob, it is aglutton’s delight. Think about having that macaroni and cheese edging up to those ribs and sauce and getting a taste of each, together.

It is like communion.

Most of the joints offer a dessert, but there is no way. One, I am too full and two, I want to keep that dandy taste in my mouth as long as I can.

Last night, our son who lives here, smoked ribs out. He has mastered that. He uses a rub that is so good that you really don’t need sauce, but I still put a dab of sauce on my plate nad dip little shreds of meat into it. It is fun.

And get this … this summer I am going to take the course to become a barbecue judge. I think it would be a fun thing to do.

I will have to think of a fun judge’s name that I can go by … Saucy Susan, “Q” Girl, “‘It’s all about the Butt”, “Bertha the Brisket”.

Oh, I’ve got it … Whole Hog.

I have to go. My mouths is watering. I have to see if Peace and Hominy have and ribs ready fro breakfast.



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