The Basketball Story

This is what’s on my mind …

My mind is Grand Central Station. Thoughts and ideas, needling pricks of uncertainty cross tracks with thoughts that tell me not to worry.

Oh, and that photo? Do you think that is the front or back of Winston’s head?

So how about that Virginia game? I didn’t watch it, but it took place in Charlotte, the Queen City, (Yep, we moved from one Queen City close by, to another). I just know it was a big upset. Nick watched the game in 8-minutes. It was perfect. He said they just showed the shots and the win.

I used to love sports. Our kids played everything. I got bleacher butt and tried not to be a nitwit parent in the stands. Yep, I second and third guessed some coaches. i was pretty composed in the stands, but I stewed. Once, in a fit of pique, I rolled down the window of our car as we were driving away from Elder High School, and yelled, “Elder Sucks!”

I was irate how they reacted opposing teams and their fans. Oh my gosh, just thinking about it makes my radiation burns hurt worse.

Oh, there was one game at Elder that stands out. It was in my son Chris’s senior years.

I watched my kid like a helicopter even in pregame. The takes were high that year, at least in my head.

Chris looked like he hurt his hand or finger prior to the game.

There was another player who was the team’s top gun, and he eventually played at UC under Bob Huggins and on pro teams in Europe.

During that game at Elder, where opposing player’s fans were relegated to the upper levels, away from the court, the star player’s mother decided she wasn’t putting up with that bullocks. So, she and her daughter trotted to the other side and sat behind Moeller’s team.

Blasphemous! A mortal sin. Call the Pope!

I was concerned that Chris would have a hard time because I thought he had a booboo.

What happed was that Elder double and triple teamed Moeller’s star, which left Chris as the go-to guy.

One basket after another. Chris was hot. I remember one specific play where Moeller stole the ball, Chris broke to the basket, and did an alley-oop dunk.

The place went wild.

My bleacher butt went away for the rest of the game because I was riding high.

And then, in the third or fourth quarter, there appeared to be a bit of a brouhaha behind Moeller’s bench.

The star’s mother and her daughter, were in an altercation with the Elder fans.

It became rowdy.

The game was stopped. The refs looked. And a minute later, the star’s dad, a huge guy, maybe 6’5” and solidly built, strode across the floor of the court!

We were gawking and sort of laughing but not obviously.

It was such good drama.

Star’s dad probably scared the peas, carrots and broccoli out of the Elder kids as he approached.

But then, security had come. The Star’s mother and sister were escorted from their seats, across the edge of the court.

The game continued. Moeller won.

After the game, I’ve went down to the court to see Chris, and the other players, after the game. Chris gave me a hug and then was led over to put on headphones as he was interviewed by a radio station.

Moeller didn’t have a bus for the players at the time, so Chris had driven the team in his old, VW van, which had been named “The Hoopty Mobile.”

He had on his dog eared, Russian like hat that I had bought him for hunting. I can picture this kids like it was now

The net morning, I went to the UDF to get the Enquirer and the Post, as I did after so many games for our tribe. The photo was a huge shot of Chris. I thin he was scoring. That isn’t clear.

But the copy said something like, the good news is that Star can be stopped, but the bad news is, they have another player that … something.

At the end of the season each player was presented with a highlight tape of their season. This one had them cutting down nets in the tournament.

At the end of Chris’s, as his team was cutting down a net, Chris turned to the camera and said, “Hi, Mom.”

I well up thinking about that.

Chris went on to play college ball at Carroll College in Montana and Rio Grande, in Ohio.

I can’t type anymore. My eyes and heart are full of yesterdays, at this moment.

I had no clue I would write about this. But that is what crept into my mind.

Pass me a tissue, please.



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