Arming Teachers Is Not The Answer

This is what is on my mind.

The thought of arming teachers bothers me and I don’t think that is the proper way to address the school shootings.

There, I said it.

Teachers have enough responsibility already.

Teachers should teach and NOT have the responsibility to make a decision whether to use a firearm. Can you imagine what legal nightmares and jeopardy we would be piling on teachers?

Say, you are a teacher and discussing math or science. You hear a gun pop. You have to make. Decision to race for your weapon, get your kids to safety, and then, try to figure out what to do. Do you and are you expected to run to the hall and look for the shooter, who might be brandishing an assault rifle, and amidst chaos, try to shoot him?

What chance will a teacher have? If they are dealing with someone who is wielding a rapid-fire weapon, the teacher is going to be gunned down.

Teachers go into teaching because they want to teach … not be policemen.

Do you know how much pressure to would be placed on teachers to actually shoot another person? And to do it in front of students?

Yes, it would be lovely if we thought that might stop the shooter, save lives, and Pollyanna wouldn’t fall from that tree.

Policemen go through rigorous and constant training to use guns. There is psychology and technique and a mindset that is used by policemen when they deal with a situation, such as a shooter in a school.

To expect teachers to go into that mindset and expertise and know when to shoot, how to shoot and where to shoot, in the midst of teaching about the pilgrims, is adding to the insanity.

Yesterday, I believe on FB, I saw a safe room that had been installed in a classroom. It was put up in one day. Not only was it bullet-proof, but it could withstand a tornado, and was used as a quiet place during the day. It was definitely worth a look.

More security officers at the schools? Yes. Expensive? Yes. But that is the price society is going to have to pay because things have gone haywire.

You know that legislation is going to be a slow-going process, and chances are, it is not going to be enough to stop some of these killings. So … you have have more approaches than one to address the situation.

Yes, it is about gun control and mental health and what kids are exposed to … many of them in their own homes. The reasons for what is going on are many. Most, including investing more in helping the mentally ill, are long term efforts, that yes, should be put in place.

But in the meantime … provide teachers students, schools, with ways to provide them a better chance at surviving a shooter.

I hate to say it, but I don’t see an end to these shootings. There is always going to be an angry, mangled-minded sicko who is going to show us.

And they will get that gun. Because that is life, today. Legally, illegally … whatever. Where there is a will, especially, an evil will, there is a way.

Yes, work on gun-control, mental health, parents …watch what games your kids are playing, put down your cell phone and listen to your kids … not just talk at them. Accept your responsibility in how things in our society are … and then, maybe then, things might change.

In the meantime, arm teachers with safe rooms, instead of guns. Ramp up security and eat the cost.

And … if you see something and report it an you don’t think you are being heard or action is not being taken … call them again and agin. And keep escalating your call until you are heard. Really heard.



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