Ms Attitudinous Precipitous

Ms. Attitudinous Precipitous

Ms. Precipitous is an unusual woman. She was born Martha Stone, but didn’t care for that name, as it didn’t show her personality … which has been discussed at many cocktail parties.

Growing up, she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be a princess or a prostitution. She thought both occupations had things in common.

After a stint in the medical profession, selling forceps to gynecologists, and having been looked past by Prince Harry, she turned to high-end, prostitution.

She did so well at her job, in Washington DC, that she became a madam.

She calls her customers, constituents. Many law makers, stealthily, come to the corridors of her pleasure palace for therapeutics massages.

Names that are familiar to you, are safely kept between Ms Precipitous’ thighs.

Shhh. No one knows this.


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