Thoughts of Spring and Flowers and the Murder

The Burpee catalogue came. A few of the perennials are sprouting through old growth. The roses need pruning. And there is one side of the yard that is full of dog poop.

I was just looking at the Burpee catalogue. It is a catalogue of dreams for me,just as sure as a catalogue of fabulous shoes and purses and jewelry, are manna for women, (or men), who are into those things.

The Burpee catalogue brings hope and visions of longer days, Carolina Blue skies befuddling me, and that marvelous Southern Sun.

It makes me remember how I love to go out almost everyday and photograph my flowers. It still boggles my mind how a teeny, tiny seed, has it in its power and dna, to sprout and grow roots, burst through the ground, become a plant, reach for the sun and grow things called flowers, that give so much joy and glory.

My, these thoughts are better tha a cookie, at the moment.

Nick mentioned that he wished he had a big rototiller and a lot of land. We were in the car, yesterday, driving. He has always wanted land. He wanted it for a big garden and freedom. I wanted it to put up weird art outside, and have chickens and a few dogs and maybe a sheep or funny pig.

That is the dream that eluded us. The closest we have come to it is having a daughter who lives on 24 acres … you know … the farm. I wrote about us staying there last summer and taking care of the chickens.

I practiced my icing making and piping, yesterday. It was fun, but I am such a goofus that I not only wanted to practice on parchment paper, but I wanted to practice on real things. So, I made some cupcakes and did something a bit funny. I put cupcake batter into the donut form. So they are docakes. I might be onto something. They are easier to eat than a cupcake.

Have you studied a flower? I mean, looked at one close up, with your nose almost on it? It is like a kaleidoscope. I take very close up photos of flowers because I love to see the intricate patterns and designs. I can even see pollen, which, by the way, I has started messing with me. It starts early down here.

Oh, on the way to my Sunbeam treatment, I pass an ice cream store. It is like a Dairy Queen, but local and they make their own ice cream. Remind me to stop there this week.

Which reminds me. Nick mentioned last night that one of his claims to fame was that while going through heavy duty chemo and radiation thirteen years ago, he gained weight.

I am trying to decide what kinds of flowers to plant this year. Of course, a zapping thought flew through … wouldn’t it be nice to have a few more flower beds. Note to self … do NOT mention to Nick or else he will get the vapors.

Zinnias, for sure. The are such fun and the butterflies came like they had been invited to a pollen convention. Dahlias will be in. I love the dahlias. My friend, Sylvia gave me a few stunning specialty bulbs last year. We dug them out for winter, so we will plant them. I shall scour Burpee and maybe buy a couple of packs of seeds, but i will also hit the local garden store, Wilson’s and the Feed and Seed store that I love going to.

This morning,I used a lot of lemon in my tea. It is tasty. I microwaved my cold lemon, to get the juices flowing and then put the lemon in my hand-juicer. (That statement sounds a bit odd)

Oh, the jury didn’t convict the young Sikh teenager. That was in the British drama I watched the last two days. It was mostly about they jury, the individual jurists. It was interesting. It left you wondering if they had been snookered.

The whole thing reminds me of the world and us trying to decipher what is true and what is not. Is it fake, real … is there more than one truth or will we ever know the truth?

I’d rather contemplate flower seeds.

It is really foggy this morning. My tea cup is just about empty.

So, to the kettle I go.



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