We Are A Sick Society

This is a 9-11 moment. This is a time where we,as citizens, and the elected leaders of this country must stand up to the insane killings that are terrorizing our country.

President Trump needs to get off Twitter and march in front of this nation, and lead this nation out of the mire of the senseless killings that have struck like arrows into our hearts … our children’s schools.

Congress needs to forget about worrying about their own next election, and use their time in office to address what is occurring in this country NOW.

Oh crap. I could rant all day. I could say all of this stuff that I think needs to be done, but the bottom line is, we are a sick society.

I am disgusted, worn out, sad, mad, embarrassed and forlorn over the state of our country. This country who has purported to be the greatest country in the world, is sick … broken.

We can’t even protect our children. We don’t protect them from sexual predators. We don’t protect them from being information, games, movies, and other things on the internet, social media, that are wicked, perverted and mean. And, the ultimate failure? We can’t protect them from getting killed at school. AT SCHOOL, where we send them off to everyday.

And it isn’t just the students.It is the teachers and other professionals and volunteers who go to our schools everyday, and end up putting their lives in the line of fire to protect our children.I can’t get over the thought that they are all sitting ducks.

You know, I wasn’t going o write this morning. I was so done with everything last night. And I didn’t want to write because at this point, I feel is it fruitless. I am sick of words of condolence from politicians. I am angry and want to scream. I feel like we are living in a charade.

There is the vision of the United States as the leader of the world, and then, the reality of the fact that talk is so cheap and we, as a country, are a hot mess.

I can’t even stomach the Olympics, knowing about what happened to the gymnastics girls. I want to throw stones and harsh words and say, stop this charade. Don’t fool yourselves that the Olympics is about, “sport”. It is about money and politics.

Yessirreebob, I threw the Olympics in there because its moral righteousness, which purports fair play, is a joke, also.

Darn it. I know I am zig-zagging and rambling.

It isn’t just the killings, either. Look at the heroin epidemic. The number of people using and dying from heroin is another clue of a sick society. What is it that is making people ruining their lives, risking death, by taking drugs, heroin, instead of trying to find another way to live? Do they feel that hopeless and helpless that that harrowing life of drugs, sounds good?

What is leading people to make that choice?

At this point, it isn’t about making America “great again.” It is about healing our wounded psyches and souls.

For me, it is everywhere. I see the hostility and stupidity and arrogance from the moment I leave the house. Haven’t you witness that something is wrong, even with the way people drive? Do you see the disregard for laws, other people’s safety?

I do.

It is hostile out there. Cars speeding, going through red lights, not stopping at stop signs, people cutting people off, driving while on drugs, on cell phones, on booze?

Look at the vitriol of politics and the last election and the fact that people cannot talk about politics without someone getting aggrieved.

And seriously … why does anyone need an assault rifle? It’s purpose to kill a lot and kill quickly.

How can any parent, anymore, send their child to school with out a knot in the pit of their gut? Why would anyone want to be a teacher, anymore, when your first job has become putting yourself in the line of fire for an evil, armed creep?

At this point, forget selling the fact that we are a great country.

I would settle for being a safe one.



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