Testing 1-2-3. Pot Roast in the Instant Pot

I am going to cook my morning post the Instant Pot. We shall see if it makes it read better, be more tender and have it done in no time.

Oh, I meant my pot roast.

Today in America’s Testy Kitchen, I will be using my Instant Pot that I got for my birthday,

By the way,my birthday was so much fun, in many parts because so many of you sent birthday greetings and let me no that you are alive and well. What a treat. I tried to acknowledge as many as I could until my eyes bonked. But thank you. You are the best.

So, I will probably be the only here, today, as you are probably taking a breather. But me? I am here, at my kitchen counter on a high chair that allows my feet to dangle. I love that as my feet don’t get to dangle very often. My feet are swinging back and forth and around in circles and I am having my teaand a grand time.

The washer is making its morning song. I have my uniform in it and some other stuff. My uniform? Black pants and black hoodie. I sometimes wear my hood up in the house. It makes me feel like a private eye. But actually, it is because I don’t like my ears to get cold.I swear, cold air comes in one ear and goes out the other, leading me to believe that there is not much in-between.

Moving on and back to the pot roast.

I shall first of all, read the directions. I promised my daughter that I would. And if I don’t. If I fail at this request, I fear she will never give me another present that has directions. So, on my honor.

I shall dredge it in seasoned flour, use a high heat to sear it, also, and this is a secret to making a delicious pot roast … I also sear the carrots, onions and potatoes. I like to caramelize them. I am going to use the slow cooker, because it has all day to cook. I will deglaze the pan I seer the meat and vegetables in, with brandy, then add beef broth, and slow cook it. I also add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste, to give it richness, or as they say on the cooking shows, more depth of flavor.

So, although the pot is instant, there is some preparation. But you get our whole meal done in one swoop.

Back to yesterday. I had fun telling the young man at the carryout that it was my birthday and I didn’t look to bad for being 84.

He stopped what he was doing and said, “Eighty-four? You look about 30 years younger.”

“Oh good,” I said. “I am 66.”

Other customers in line laughed and said happy birthday.

Later, when I was delivering donuts, I saw two little boys with helmets with dinosaur-like scales on them. They were decked out in full play mode. ONe of them said, “Hi Miss Susan.”

He was one of my food collectors.

This little boy is Bryson. I know his name. I am not sure of the other little boy’s name. But Bryson is a character. He could go toe-to-toe with Putin and he could give Trump a run for his money. He is living big in the world. Curious, a conversationalist, and smart.

They both told me what game they were playing. And then, I said, “It’s my birthday.”

Both said happy birthday. The other little boy said, “How old are you?

“104,” flew out of my mouth.

They both looked at me. I mean, looked.

Bryson didn’t miss a beat and said that he had seen the oldest living man in the world.

“Actually, I am 66 today.”


“Yep, I am 66.”

They both seemed relieved.

I told them I would let them know when it was time to go collect food. I wanted to invite them over for donuts and a game of pin the tale on the donkey, but I was out of donuts and the only ass I had, was mine.

I trotted home to a counter that had one donut left. NIck’s. I only ate a half of a donut. Woohoo!

I didn’t have enough for everyone I wanted to give them to, but I will bake some this week. They are my new favorite things to make. More fun than cakes.

So, if you are still with me, I get my first radiation treatment this evening. I told my neighbor, Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.

And so it is. Only 354 days until my birthday.

Next year, I will probably be 114.

I will look really good for that age.



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