Why I Celebrate My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me
I live in a tree
I look like a monkey
And I act like a flea

I love my birthday. I celebrate it. I relish it. and I let as many people know as possible.


Because I am alive.

Birthdays signify that.

Age? On my birthday, the number is irrelevant. It is simply a day when I celebrate my existence.

Does that mean I think about myself that whole day? Not necessarily.

I think about most everyone I know or who have met. I think about sharing my glad tidings of the joy of being alive, with everyone I meet.

Why not?

I have earned the right to be pleased as spiked-punch about being here. Having a birthday and being alive means that I get another shot at making clever donuts, and trying my new Instant Pot, and planting the Fairy Garden that I will get in the mail this week. I will get to enjoy a birthday meal today with one son and his family, while in my heart, thinking about my son and two daughters and four grandchildren in Ohio. I will wish we were all together, but life is full of things we can’t have.

So what? We adjust, don’t we?

I will celebrate the fact that my parents existed and chose to have a child … three children. And I was blessed to be one of them.

I will celebrate the fact that I have given this world four absolutely delightful, good, kind, loving children. They really are my gift to the world. They have each touched many lives.

There are so many wonderful things to think about today. God has seen fit to let me be on this amazing earth for 66 years … and counting. How marvelous is that?

A few monies ago, I spent some time looking through my photos. From my young years, through the years, to early motherhood, to the time I began understanding life … all looking pretty much like a goofus … which, really is who I am.

Isn’t it amazing that we, you and I , have a relationship? It might be virtual, many of you I haven’t met and most likely, never will but does that make any of us less real?

And what a blessing it is to have so many people from my early years in Norwood, in my life. You are real. I see your young faces flash by when I see your names and read your words.

My mind has flashed to only good things. You can make your mind do that, if you try.

In this one little life, there have been many manifestations, chapters, books, whatever you want to call them. The list of things I have done, is long, varied, and slightly weird.

Just like me.

Do you know that when I see your names on my page I smile?

There are also six munchkins, well, growing munchkins, my children’s offsprings, my darling grandchildren, who are my children’s gifts to the world. And, my grand-dogs. I must not forget them.

I have to have thought of a good couple hundred people this morning. Flashes. People who had an impact on my life.

I know people who don’t want o celebrate their birthdays. They keep it close to the vest. Everyone has their way. They don’t want gifts. My Nick is one of those. Don’t make a fuss.

That is so not me. Why not make a fuss, a mess, sing off-tune and give glory to the gift of your own life?

Though I have lived 66 years, I am but a speck of time. In the scheme of the universe, do I really matter?

Not really.

But in my life, in my circle of life and family and friends and the strangers I meet, I do matter. We each do.

That is marvelous.

What I want and need in life is different than what I used to want and need.

I see even knowing that, is a gift.

Aging can stink. It can be hard and demoralizing. But it can also be wonderful. We pick out the specks of life that bring us joy and fulfillment, and try not to focus on the sore heal, aching bones or saggy breasts, if we are fortunate to still have them.

As I sit and loo at the flowers in front of me, I see the goodness of family, friends, love, and the divine. My heart is full.

So, as my gift to you, because that is what birthday girls should do … give gifts … I give you the knowledge that you and your life matter. They matter to me. So, celebrate your life on my birthday. Sing the birthday song to yourself. Do a bit of a jig and know that love is all around.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    The many faces and feet of Susan. Celebrate your day with many funny faces. And a dance or two.


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