My New Instant Pot


I got an early birthday gift yesterday. 

Towards the end of the day, Nick and I headed out to catch a bit of light before light came. As we were backing out, we saw a box on the front porch. Nick said, “Looks like your birthday present from Andrea came.” 


I love my birthday and I do love both giving and receiving gifts. I just do. 

Especially, gifts that show that the person knows me. 

And this person who sent this gift, knows me. 

I got out of the car to pick up the box and carry it to the garage. I saw that it said, ‘Instant Pot’. Me, being as brilliant as I am, thought, oh, I can grow some bulbs … instantly.

And then, I looked closer. It was a real Instant Pot. You now those 7 in 1 doers of all things miraculous in the kitchen? It slices and dices and whips and stirs and loads the dishwasher and takes carbs out of donuts. 

I am sure of it.

Or, it pressure cooks, sauces, makes yogurt, slow cooks and stems and unloads the dishwasher.

I had a huge smile on when I returned to the car. 

Nick said he knew I was getting. 

Secrets? From moi? Oh my.

My Instant Pot is on the counter. A big chuck roast is thawing on the other counter. I will combine them today and make a wonderful pot roast.

My daughter, told me, when I called her to thank her and tell her I was excited, told me I REALLY needed to follow the directions, especially on the pressure cooker. Get this … she said she wasn’t sure if she should get it for me because I tend to not follow directions.

Imagine that. 

I promised her that I would follow the directions. And I will. I don’t want a burnt pot roast or a pressure cooker exploding and whacking my head, on my birthday, which is tomorrow. Yes, I love my birthday and tell everyone. Tomorrow, I will most likely, make donuts and give them away. 

Apparently, these gizmos are good, as they are sold out most places. 

I am having a blast baking and cooking and making messes and cleaning them. I talk to Alex when I bake. I turn her up, turn her down and ask stupid questions, while I line dance in my kitchen. 

Of course, I make up my own line dance. 

Because as you know, I don’t always follow directions.



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