Shredded Chicken Knocks On Heaven’s Door

It was delicious. It was different. And I was pleased as gravy with myself.

Today, we are going to talk about cooking.

I like to cook and, according to most people who eat my food, I do pretty well.

It wasn’t always that way.

I didn’t cook when I was growing up. My mom and dad did. Our kitchen was small, with very little counter space. As I write this, I am asking myself, was that kitchen the heart of that home?

Yes. I would have to say that as small as it was, many of the scenes I remember from that time, took place in that kitchen.

During my high school years, my dad got into this porterhouse steak kick. He had some men at the Chevrolet plant, fashion him a smoker. This was years before smokers became all the hooch.

It was an obnoxious looking contraption … large and metal and unwieldy, and I burnt my wrist on it.

But, Heaton loved it and cooked our porterhouse steaks on it and there, you have it. Same thing, most every night.

We were actually glad if he had a dinner meeting at the Fox and Crow,. Because we could have pot pies.

When Nick and first married, it was lucky that I didn’t kill anyone with my cooking.

I hadn’t a clue.

But I was a quick study, graduating from barf central to hey, that was pretty good.

Throughout the years, and cooking lots of meals for a family of six, I went from novice and a let’s stick to the recipe type gal, to a, I bet I can do this … and do it better.

That is pretty much how I have operated my life. I see the status quo, and take it up a few notches. With interesting results.

When our older daughter worked at a camp, we would have many counselors, some from other countries, over for Sunday dinner. Nick and I would cook half the day.

I loved those days. The kids would come in, take over the house, and sit and eat their meal with us. The um’s and ahs, where the chorus to the conversation.

A home cooked meal was a welcome retreat from camp food.

And then, we’d head to the family room, where people collapsed on the couches and floor and moaned about how full they were, as we watched “America’s Funniest Videos,” Ann the “Amazing Race,”. Complete with commentary.

Feeding people is what I know. It is something that I enjoy doing. Food tastes better shared.

Unless it is the last piece.

I was going to make chicken cordon bleu, last night, but Nick mentioned doing something easier, such as shredding the chicken.

So … I browned my boneless, skinless chicken breasts in oil, added onions and yellow and red peppers, and sautéed it all together. I added chicken stock and put the lid on it and as the liquid reduced, I added more. I had seasoned the meat and peppers.

After the sauce got nice, I added a tablespoon of butter, put the burner on low and let the chicken cook until it was nice and tender.. I also added a half a jar of salsa.

I was going to serve it with tortilla shells I had bought. I also prepared 3 avocados, that I had in the fridge. I put a bit of lime juice, salt and pepper, olive oil, a touch of sugar, and balsamic vinegar on them and mushed them.

The other day, we watched a show where the host was with the best chef in Mexico. The host was Phill. He is the man who inspired and produced “Everybody Loves Raymond.” I never watched that show, but Phil is a good and interesting man who travels the world, tasting food and meeting people. His show is great to watch. It is called, “Feed Phil” and it is on Netflix.

Phil went over to the Mexican chef’s house for dinner. The chefs young son cooked the tortillas. And that is where I got my inspiration to make mine.

You take your cheese … I used mMonterey Jack and Fontina, and put it on the tortilla before you grill it on in a fry pan, or as I did it’s on a griddle. Instead of putting the tortilla cheese side up, you put it cheese side down. You let it cook until the cheese becomes melted and browned.

Oh my junipers. They are unbelievably good.

Then I took my tortilla, browned cheese up, and put my shredded chicken, onion and red pepper mixture on it with a layer of guacamole and sour cream … and folded it.

Dear Hilton Head, it was wonderful.

Nick thought it was great, too, although, he used a knife and fork.

I also served corn on the cob because I hadn’t had any in a long while and it sounded good.

Dessert was my world famous (or not), chocolate mousse, which I haven’t made for several moths. It was a dream of chocolate, whipped cream and creamy smoothness.

I am one of those dweebs who loves to take photos of food. It is art, nourishment and love.

There is a lot of chicken mixture left over and it will be n easy thing to resurrect tonight. It will be great over a lovely salad or over rice or noodles.

Oh yes, I love to talk about food, too. We often talk about our next meal while we eat.

At the moment, my kitchen is clean …spotless. I have everything in its place. But I bet you, within a couple of hours, I will be in there, mixing and messing things up.

What do you think I should make?

Hum … I will ponder.



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