Announcement … This Woman’s Life


Beginning this Tuesday, a new group for women is coming. It is called “This Woman’s Life”.

It is not just about my life, or the lives of my two wonderful co-conspirator writer fiends, who have agreed to co-lead with me. “This woman” is for YOU and is about women.

Sorry, fellas, but we women have some things to discuss that might give you the vapors. And we, women, need our space. And I say that with love.

The two women, who are also writers, and have a wealth of varied experiences, are Karen Martin and Barbara Stahura. Their bios will be presented on page/group on Tuesday. But briefly, here is the scoop.

I met Karen Martin through my Norwood Girls group, although she is not from Norwood. WE began communicating and realized that we got on great and enjoyed each other’s travails. She is a really fun person and her writing is engaging. She tells great stories and has gumption, and you know how I love gumption. She is a kind person who gives back to society, in many ways. You will find her wise and grounded and great fun.

Barbara Stahura andI go back a long time, although we have only seen each other, I believe, once, in the 20-years that we have communicated. Barbara was the first person I met at a writer’s conference in Yellow Springs, Ohio. We were both looking for our dorm room. We clicked. And have been friends, since, communicating by email and phone. She is a wonderful writer. She has written on a variety of subjects, but the last many years, she has become a certified expert on journaling. She will tell her story of hw that came about. It is a fascinating, inspirational story.

Some of the topics we will write about and hope you jump in to discuss,include:




Body image



Aging in our society

Death of loved lones

Attitudes toward death

Our bodies

Relationships with adult children




Journaling to understand yourself

What we want out of life

How we became who we are

Facing challenges


Using our voice

How about that?

I have wanted to do this for a long time. It has been in my head. We need a place, a forum, where we get to talk, speak our truths and not be spoken to in survey-speak. I wanted a place where we, as women, many, women of a certain age, can be visible, not out of place, and have our own inside jokes.

Barbara and Karen and I, believe in women. We believe that women are strong, intelligent, fun, compassionate, and very next to norma.

We hope you will join us on Tuesday. If you wish to be in this group, or know women who might benefit from it, please let me know, and we will invite you to join us.


And the photo is of my 20-minute dinner I made last night. Pork tenderloin, rice, and stir-fried broccoli, with honey/soy and sesame sauce. Yummy


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