Baking Honey Wheat Bread … and falling in love

Wow! That bread is delicious. And you should have smelled my house when it was baking.

I give the Ankarsrum very high marks …better marks than I got when I was in school. What a beautiful job it did and what a pleasure it was to use.

Honey Whole Wheat bread was my first adventure with the mixer. I found the recipe on Pinterest.

As I have said, the fun part of life for me is learning new things, studying them, practicing them and mastering them … and then, repeating that process with another subject that interests me.

I used to make bread. I have made it with mixers and totally by hand. I used the Tassajahara Bread book. It was a very meditative process that taught me how to relish making bread as an act, not only to create a wonderful bread, but to help understand life and nurturing and science.

I remember making that bread at my house in Ohio. From the act of using yeast and watching it grow, to kneading the dough, which is actually quite therapeutic, to feeling proud that I earned my bread … it was magical. And the results? Magnificent.

Sometimes, I would use the mixer to knead the bread. I am someone who likes to try different methods. There is success and failure in that. I am comfortable with both.

Yesterday, I stood at my kitchen counter and watched the magic and power of the mixer. That company knows how dough works, and has created a machine that allows the dough to go through its process. Amazing.

I watched as the water, yeast, honey and flour, went from a lump to smooth and elastic. You can’t see that with most mixers.

While that was rising and then baking, I read more about the process. I looked up some things that I didn’t know to look up, until recently. There are lots of baking, “secrets” that the pros know. I am reseating those. I want to up my game.

The bread was delicious. But I will continue my search for recipes that wow me.

After Nick and I ate a couple of pieces of the bread with butter, I texted my neighbor to see if she wanted some. She came over and I served her a piece with butter, and wrapped a loaf for her to take home. Although it isn’t straight from the oven, today, I will take a couple of pieces to neighbors. I think I will ask people to let me know if they are interested in future bread samples. I don’t know who is on diets, is gluten-free or has the vapors. But if they let me know they would like it, yippee. I will deliver.

It is fun to be in the honeymoon period. TheAnkarsrum and I have tied the knot and we are on our honeymoon … getting to know each other. I haven’t sworn at my new spouse, yet. He hasn’t snored or farted or broken my heart. And I am treating him with care and respect.

I hope we never take each other for granted.

So … today, I am going to try a couple of different attachments. Oh, and with this mixer, I don’t end up covered with flour. I guess he likes me as I am.

Mixing it up in life is what keeps me going. It’s fun to have a new playpen. Now, I have to do some research.

Chipper, dipper, skipper,




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