God and Bread and the Ankarsrum

Good morning preachers, saints and thyroids,

While waking up this morning and doing my pre, pre-dawn contemplations, (overstatement), I thought I would write about God this morning. Not the churchy God, but how people find their faith and believe in different things.

Yep, I know, some people get their joints swollen when they think of someone talking about God and have visions of TV evangelists with slick hair and even slicker words, or how wars are often about ‘religion’ and beliefs, and how God, apparently wants one singer to win a Grammy and not another.

But that isn’t where I was going.

As soon as I had my thoughts on that, the Ankarsrum popped into my head. And bread dough replaced my deep thoughts and it all became about dough.

Easy come. Easy go.

After scratching Nick’s back, Winston and I got up and headed to the playground, which today, is the kitchen.

Like a divine light, the Ankarsrum beaconed. And since I haven’t done a video in a while, I decided that I would take you on part of the mixer and first loaf of bread journey.

To try to combine my thoughts of God and bread dough, let me just say that in making bread dough, you use yeast, which is everywhere. God is everywhere, too. And yeast is good, unless you get a yeast infection and then,ugh.

How about that? I worked the two subjects into one.

I made one little video, rough though it is. Just envision me in my Donna Reed shirtwaist dress, low-heeled pumps and hair coiffed into a delightful pinched – pageboy. Wearing lipstick and a girdle.

It is going to be hard to make a video and make dough at the same time, so, I will do it if I can but if it ticks me off too much, you will just get a report.

Oh, before I go, if you get a hankering for one of these machines, shop around. I often purchase items off Amazon, but I found this mixer at a store in Nebraska and the price was about $78.00 less tha online. And … I got to talk to a person who uses the machine.

And with that tidbit, I am off.

Susan and my assistant, Winston


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