The Mixer

Lookout world, my mixer arrived.

My Swedish mixer, the Ankarsrum, complete with instructions in Swedish, Norse, Dansk, Suomi, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol, Italian, and I think, Russian, and English, arrived yesterday, two days after I ordered it.

I am more excite about it than I was when we got a new car. Sakerhelsforeskrifter … in English, that means Safety Instructions. I don’t know how to place the two doo-hickey dots about the ‘a’ and ‘o’.

Just call me Sven.

Yes, I bought the one I had never heard of. That is because we live in the land of Kitchenaids, Cuisinarts, Hamilton Beaches and Sunbeams.

I found them on YouTube, when I looked upp the best stand mixers. I watched several videos that compared mixers, and began researching this weird one.

It is a totally different beast.

I wanted a mixer that didn’t have that big arm hanging over. I just don’t care for those. Part of it is because of my eyes, and part of it is because, I think, if they can land a man on the moon-pie, they should be able to create a mixer that you can look into and easily, pour ingredients into.

I watched many videos of people using this mixer and had Nick watch one, too.

Part of the deal was, if I couldn’t find one that functioned differently than what I had, I wasn’t going to invest money into a bigger model. I have tried the bigger Kitcheaid, and it still had the things I didn’t really like.

Don’t get me wrong. Kitchenaids are great machines. I was looking for a different system, and juniper knows, I love to learn new things. I am game to go through that learning curve. Bring it on.

I ordered a red one.

The bowl is a beauty. I can mix up to 9 loaves of bread. As I told Nick,”Yep, I could have helped Jesus. Nine loaves and some cans of sardines.”

He agreed.

When I ordered the machine, I spoke to a woman in Nebraska. She said there is a learning curve because it is different. The good thing is, I have watched a lot of videos, so when we got the machine out of the box, I was able to set it up and get it going quickly.

Mind you, I only put water in it.

But I have it figured out enough to give it a whirl.I am busy most of today, so it might not be until tomorrow, that I try it.

Another cool thing is, I watched some interesting YouTubes on interesting ways to make pizza dough. There is so much information out there and fun things to try and learn.

What might I do with 9 loaves of bread, you ask?

Nutmeg, I don’t know. But I have some ideas. First of all, I don’t have to make 9 loaves, but giving food away to people is one of my ways of saying that I care. So … neighbors, get the butter ready.

I think it makes like 250 cookies at a time, too. Or, one batch.

Not only does it act as a mixer, but we can get attachments that grind oats and grains, a food processor, blender, meat grinder, sausage maker and a dishwasher.

I threw the dishwasher in to see if you were paying attention.

Maybe I will do a video of me using it.

Maybe not. I would need three hands.

So … a new world has, once again, opened. You never know where you will find that thing that makes you fly. Here’s to YouTube. And Sweden.

And Swedish meatballs.



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