Apple Strudel and My Cooking Show

Sometimes, you have to make a strudel.

That is what Nick requested, yesterday, and as you know, I always do what people ask. A-hem. Maybe. Not always.

We had 5 apples. I had Phyllo dough in my freezer. And that is a winning combination.

No recipe needed.

Peel and slice apples. Put in bowl with lemon juice to keep the apples from turning brown and grungy. And brown and white sugars. Cinnamon. Corn starch. Pinch of salt. Mix.

Thaw Phyllo dough and take the very, very thin sheets, one by one and layer. Oh, but don’t forget to brush butter on each Phyllo sheet as you later. Place spoonfuls of the apple mixture in the center and fold both sides over … brush with more butter and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Can I please have my own cooking show? I would be the Mixed Up Baker … flour coated, yet, divinely joyful hostess. I already have my TV swear words down … Oh Nutmeg, Allspice! Ginger Rats!

Yep, I am made for TV. Different colored hair every so often. Different weight almost everyday. Oh, I could start the show with a personal weigh-in. Oh, Nutmeg! I quit.

Maybe, I could have an audience of 6, sitting at my counter. Would you come and sit and watch an idiot bake?

I would need a trademark saying, like Emerril’s “Bam”.

What should it be?

Perhaps, “Ut-Oh,” which means that I forgot to add an ingredient.

I have been looking at new mixers. The Kitchenaid I use is around 30 years old. It was my mother’s. It is fine and dandy, but there are a few things that I would upgrade. I have to stop the mixer to add ingredients. I don’t like that. I have to scrape the sides of the bowl too much. I don’t care for that. It is heavy. Groan. And sometimes, it groans. It is only a 4 qt bowl, and I could use a bigger one.

Have you looked at stand mixers? Yesterday, I watched videos comparing different ones. They each have pros and cons and come with different price tags.

One that looked interesting, was a Bosch. The mother and beaters worked from the bottom, so that the top was open to pour ingredients in. It had an 800 watt motor that could mix 6 loaves of bread. Man, you should have seen the doughball they made. Cool!

Most of the other recommend ones were the Kitchenaids, but I really don’t like that big, honking arm that gets in the way.

But then, then. Last night when I was tired, I questioned whether at this stage of my life, and without having money falling from anywhere, if looking at these mixers was pure folly. I should just use what I have.

So here is a question … do you ever think about your age when you think about buying something?

Oh good, the sun just came out.

Time for another cup of tea.


PS. The other photo is of a frittata that my daughter made when she visited this weekend. It was delicious!


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