The Best Flop Ever

We picked Winston up from school Thursday evening, and we took them Texas sheet cake. Nick said that one of the workers said they had been wondering when I was going to bake, again.

The week before, the you fancy-dance Chex Mix.

We like to feed people.

Today, they don’t know it, but the workers at Camp K-9 will be receiving the best flop i have ever made.

They were to be Mexican Wedding Cakes. But because, I think I might have misread the recipe and doubled the butter, they are now called Mexican Wedding Pillows. And they are delish!

“Oh nutmeg,” I said when the buzzer when off and I opened the oven door. Instead of round, golf ball like shaped cookies, the cookie sheet looked like I had baked biscuits. The cookies had spread into each other.

Whoops. I did something wrong.

I baked them a couple more minutes, to ensure they were done. I removed them for the oven, placed them on the counter, and after a couple of minutes, I scored them into individual cookies and sifted powdered sugar over the whole tray.

I let them cook, and then I tasted one.

Oh my gosh. They were like shortbread gone wild.

They had turned crisp on the outside and battery and nutty on the inside.

And here, I thought I had screwed up.

But I have to get them out of my house. I am starting to puff up like one of the pillows, and I have to reverse course. Nutmeg. It is such a battle, this weight thing.

And I thought I had it licked.

But I am to doing a confessional this morning, so I shall move on to the gist of those post.

After Nick took the cake inside and came out with The Boy, I noticed he was carrying a wrapped package.

I tore the paper off, but couldn’t open the box, so I had to wait until we got home.

When I opened the box, I cracked up. There, with an engraved plate that said, “Winston Churchill”, like he was Prime Minister of England, was a photo album, with a photo of The Boy and his friends.

Nick loved it, too. And it meant a lot that Camp K-9 put it together.

Yes, they will get more goodies.

Another couple of people who will get goodies today, are new to my vision.

Instead of having trash pickup, we take our trash, and for two people, we are quite trashy, to the recycling and garbage location. It is around the corner from where we drop of The Boy.

For a dump, it is nice. They have several of them located in the area. It is great.

The center is manned. One or two older gentlemen tell people where to put their trash, and make sure things are cool. They are out in all sorts of weather.

“I bet no one takes them treats,” I said to Nick. “We must bring them some.”

Nick agreed. The two men will also receive the best flopped ever, Mexican Wedding Pillows. And, I am thinking a gift card, for Christmas.

I might even make up a plate of cookies that have no definite destination, and give them to whoever is working at the carryout I like to go to.

Things like this make life so much fun.

Maybe I will make another flop, tomorrow.


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