The Two Sides of Thinking

There are parts of me that are filled with gratitude. They are soft, gently and mild-mannered. They see life in terms of beautiful birds, stunning, magnificent flowers, Carolina Blue skies and la-di-da, la-di-da.

There are also part of me that are on the verge of rage, riot and pissed-offness.

Boing. Boing. Boing.

There is part of me that wants to say that life is grand, fine, good, and smile. And there is that other part that wants to give the stink-eye, tell people to go to blazes and get an inflatable middle finger to wear on top of my head.

Is anyone else feeling like that?

I am as divided as this country. And that gives me a headache.

Seriously, I am having a difficult time dealing with people because of what is going on in the politics and media of our country. I have never felt this disconnected and victimized by the people who are running this country … the politicians and media. Not to mention all of the sexual abuse issues that are now surfacing.

I hate that I can’t trust or believe most anything I read or hear. I don’t know the difference between fake-news and real news. I don’t trust any of it. It all seems agenda driven. There is very little honesty, anywhere. And the truth is very speculative and in the eye of the provider and the recipient, because, as you know, there is little middle ground, just sides.

Now, I like sides … if they are mac and cheese, hush puppies, potato salad or baked beans. But having to figure out what side the truth is on, gives me the vapors and makes me have feelings that I would prefer not to have.

How can we place value in “truth” when the truth is subject to agenda, polls that mean very little and information that is suspect?

How do we live in such a state? And how long can this country go on under these conditions?

How can democracy in our country and peace of mind, in my own head, take place, when there are forces at work that want to destroy whoever doesn’t believe the way that they do?

Thank goodness there are the flowers and the birds and the clouds and the skies, for me to focus on, because right now, people are giving me the vapors.

Somewhere in Between




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